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Orthodontics for Adults

A consultation with an orthodontist will let you know if you can benefit from orthodontic treatment. After a detailed analysis of your mouth, the orthodontist can recommend the best treat ment in order to give you a better smile, facial harmony and improve your general dental health.


We find that more and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons. Today, more than one in five patients is an adult.

Here are some reasons that might inspire you to consult an orthodontist.

  • To get a more beautiful smile

    • Orthodontic treatment can correct misaligned teeth or spaces between teeth that have bothered you for years.

  • To correct a few teeth in anticipation of getting dental implants or bridges

    • Many adults consult an orthodontist before replacing missing teeth. Indeed, the teeth adjacent to the edentulous space often migrate into this space making it impossible to correctly replace missing teeth. The orthodontist will work with the dentist or prosthodontist to position the teeth in order to get the best prosthodontic results possible.

  • Improvement of facial harmony and aesthetics

    • The orthodontist may recommend a combination of orthodontic and surgical treatments to correct a severe maxillary and facial disharmony. The movement of one or both jaws will create an ideal relationship between the two jaws, thus promoting better facial harmony.

  • To improve the body's health and oral health

    • Patients are increasingly aware of their role in improving their overall health through better dental health, better nutrition and exercise. Recent research shows that improved occlusion can improve the overall health of teeth and gums, thereby improving general body health. Recent research has shown a link between poor oral hygiene and systemic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease


It is never too late to improve your dental health by an orthodontic treatment.

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