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Orthodontics for Teenagers

Why should teens receive orthodontic care?

A malocclusion, or bad relationship between the teeth and/or jaws can cause many dental health problems. A bad bite can lead to premature wear of the teeth, difficulty chewing and difficulty speaking, as well as bringing undue stress to bear on the tissues, bones and gums.


Without orthodontic treatment, problems can worsen and become very difficult to treat.

The majority of our patients receive treatment between the ages of 11 and 16. However, treatments vary depending on each individual. Teenagers are still in the growing years, so this is the perfect time to treat their malocclusion.


An orthodontist can determine your teenager’s specific needs. They can recommend a partial treatment limited to a specific location or complete treatment.


Orthodontic treatment during the pre-pubertal growth period will allow the orthodontist to first correct a skeletal problem and a bad relationship between the two jaws, then proceed to the dental correction thereafter. This will lead to better facial harmony and a radiant smile.


Teenagers are sometimes not very excited about receiving orthodontic care, but when they start to see an improvement in their smile, they become very cooperative.

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